Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What on Earth is a Thinkathon?
    Good one! It’s similar to a Hackathon, but more inclusive. We had great fun organizing the Hackathon “AI for Climate”. The intense “marathon” format of a weekend dedicated to working on a specific challenge, as well as the exchange with others – be it about personal, challenge-related, or political matters – was a really cool experience for us. With the shift from Hackathon to Thinkathon, we aim to be even more inclusive and open to people with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. We think that this kind of interdisciplinary work is really needed for tackling the complex societal problems of our time.

  2. Who can participate?
    Anyone who is intrigued by any of the challenges! There is no need for a specific disciplinary background, nor scientific degree. At the last Hackathon we organized, we had people from different countries and institutes working together, ranging from Bachelor students to Postdocs. The more diverse the better!

  3. Can I join as a team with my friends?
    You can sign up together with max. one other person. Other team members might join you two during the event. This is because we would like you to meet new people and perspectives and not remain within the part of the universe that you have already explored :-)

  4. What are the logistical requirements for participating?
    As the event itself will take place online, there is no need to plan travelling, accommodation, etc. However, you will need a device (tablet / laptop) that supports Slack and BigBlueButton (BBB), an open-source video conference format. You do not need to install anything to use BBB; we will send you a link that you can open in your browser in time. However, we do advise you to download Slack for the event. All communication between challenge supervisors, the organizing team, and you will happen via Slack.

For further enquiries, kindly submit your question via the contact page or send an email to