Climate Thinkathon
3 - 5 December, 2021
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Humanity in a Changing Climate

The Thinkathon “Humanity in a Changing Climate” is an interdisciplinary, intense working and exchange format at the intersection of social / cognitive / behavioral and environmental / climate / sustainability sciences.

The word Thinkathon alludes to the fact that the challenges provided do not solely rely on computer-based, hacking methods, but also involve more conceptual approaches (cognitive psychology, behavioral science, philosophy). However, there will be at least one data science / AI challenge.

The goal of the Thinkathon is to explore promising new interdisciplinary research fields (and spark conversation!) between the disciplines involved. It is a scientific collaboration between the Institute of Cognitive Science and the Institute for Environmental Systems Research at the University of Osnabrück and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. It will take place on the first weekend of December in an online format. You can register below!

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In Unsafe Waters

Time Travel

The Influence of Identities on Collective Action

Survival of the Greenest

Modeling Human Decision Making of Meat Consumption


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